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Art Blog | 26 Nov, 2012

When we mention cover art, people usually think of books or magazines, but on this occasion I am going to talk about Album cover art and the impact it had on people.

Before we had music CD’s, the albums we bought were on vinyl that you played on a record player and the record came in an album cover. These covers not only represented the artist that had made it, but an image that covered, art, fashion and photography. Many artists have had their album covers specially designed and have spent months reviewing different ideas before deciding on a final one that will be produced and sent to print.

Ahtough there are some really big bands that have some fantastic album covers the group that I have picked are “Roxy Music”, this band are an English art rock band formed in 1971 by frontman Bryan Ferry. This band produced highly sophisticated music and a glam look to go with it. The album covers either had beautiful models on them like Jerry Hall, who also appeared in the video for “Stick together” or had images of the group with Bryan Ferry wearing and looking very suave in his tailor made suits that were personally made by Anthony Price who designs glamours clothes for artists. The album cover was just as important as the music that went with it. They were designed to catch your eye, so that you would pick them up and read them in the hope that you would buy one.

So, the next time that you are passing a record shop, remember this article, especially if you have never seen them before, and pop in. Have a good look round and even ask the guy behind the counter to play the album that you have picked up, that was a rare item, and you just happened to find it in this little old shop. As these little old shops have died away due to modern technology, but still contain lots of ideas, so even if you don’t buy anything there is plenty to look at for budding artists to get some new ideas from.

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