Colette Miller – The Global Angel Wings Project

Back in 2012 in Los Angeles, Colette Miller was passing by and saw lots of blank walls. As an artist her inner artist was starting to think about and visualise what should be on them. As she was thinking about it images of large Angel wings started to emerge.

In the world today there is so much hurt and pain and most of the time we really don’t know what to do or where to turn

Colette Miller by painting these images has created something, that because is so pure, reaches out to so many people.

Angels are pure beings of light who we are told can come to our aid if we just ask. They are here to hep us and to guide us in our life’s.  They are full of love and will never harm us.

man angel


jumping angel







As time went on people were standing against the walls and having their pictures taken. The pictures soon started to circulate and were and still are very popular with people.  Colette began receiving requests to create more sets of wings from business owners, non-profit organizations and individuals. Colette’s wings have taken her to Kenya, Australia, Mexico and across the United States

The artist herself started to think about this and came to the conclusion that within all of us is in fact an Angel. A being that can help and show others a way of life that can lead to happiness. 

A simple concept but a beautiful one indeed.  

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Love and Light Ann xx


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