Cheez’s timelapse Drawing Penelope Cat ( Looney Tunes Pepé Le Pew Cartoon)

A quick speed drawing showing you how to draw a cat from the looney tunes cartoons.

A very quick and easy way to draw this cute little cartoon cat.

If you are not familiar with her then let me enlighten you. Penelope is the poor little cat that has to put up with the very smelly french skunk Pepe Le Pew. Poor old Pepe is all mixed up and mistakes her for a female skunk. In the cartoon Past Perfumance, Penelope has a white stripe down her tale. On seeing this Pepe chases the poor cat, until she jumps into the water and the strip comes off. This is when he realises she is a cat. A favourite cartoon of mine and I am sure many of you.

A lovely little tutorial that although is very simple, produces a very sweet little cat. A lovely piece of music also that gives it that french feel.

The music is La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong, a cover of the song made famous by Edith Piaf.

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