‘Casting On’ For Beginners

Beginner, Textiles | 18 Sep, 2012

No matter what level you are in knitting, you will need to know how to ‘cast on’. In essence, to ‘cast on’ means getting the cotton onto the needle to create a foundation for your entire knitting process. She talks in detail about creating a ‘slip knot’ to anchor the yarn onto the needle before going on to explain how many stitches you should cast on with, depending on your design of course. Have a watch, its very thorough and easy to understand, it almost makes me want to take it up.

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    1. yeah it helped, plus i did a little research + experimenting and now i got a grasp of how to use decreases and increases. btw I wanna thank you for making your video on casting on. This video provided me with them means to get started knitting.

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