Carles Gomila: Anatomy

Carles Gomila seeksto paint works that are tender and yet disturbing, evocative full bodied and elegant. He loves painting the human figure based on the real human anatomy plus his own imagination and feels free to represent the human figure and redeem the values of classical art from a contemporary perspective.

This video has been cleverly produced to demonstrate the artist at work whilst at times using metamorphoses to take the viewer through to the finished piece, as well as creating a sinister feel throughout. Powder paint and charcoal mediums can be seen within the video, using paint brushes and palette knives to compliment.

This is a fantastic example of the art promoted by Fine Grime Publishing, Bath, UK, whos growing reputation is an accolade to their style. Further works can be found through their website

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    1. Que hermoso sueo….acaso estoy alucinando?…..otro loco suelto…vale! que es un elogio al talento!!!!… pregunto si el mismo perpara los pigmentos…me encanta lo que hace y este s qu es una joya de video!….Gracias!!!

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