“Buber Nebz” Graffiti Art (Featured Artist)

Each month I will showcase an artist on this site in this new section.  

For the month of January I invited “Buber Nebz” real name Dan Smith to talk about his early passion for art and his career. 

Introducing “Buber Nebz” Graffiti Artist








Hello and thanks for talking to me. I would like to ask you about you and your career so that it can be shared with our viewers here on ArtisanHQ and also across other media channels.

So, Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Leicester and I grew up in Loughborough, Leicestershire.  It was near the famous Great Central Railway ,that has featured in many TV programs and films over the years.

Growing up can you tell us any stories about you, or anything that happened that made you realise that art was your passion?

From a young age I think Iíve always been creative, when I was around 6 I was obsessed with K’nex (Construction Building Toys) and would sit there for hours recreating things, once I made a 6’ft long titanic which took me around a week to build.

Have you had any training at all or are you self taught?

I would say mostly self taught, but have learnt a few things from other graffiti artists.

What was the first mural that you painted?

I donít think I can remember what my first mural was, it was probably a stick man.

Can you tell us, how you go from being asked to create something until the final product. What is the process?

I would ask the clinet if they have any ideas in mind and then we would work together to create something that they would like making changes along the way if needs be.

To date what is your favorite piece of work?

I would say that my elephant piece is my favorite to date, just because I love elephants and combined with spray paint makes it number one.

Spray painted on the Wall of “Peter Pizzeria” in Loughborough










I have read about and seen some of your artwork in your home town of Loughborough. Can you tell me how you came to spray paint a picture of Edward Scissorhands?

edward scissor hands









The reason for Edward Scissorhands is that there was a couple of hairdresser shops along the road where he is painted and  the client wanted to create something that related back to all of them. Local Business man Raffaele Russo approached me to discuss creating some artwork for him. I have created a number of murals for his businesses in Loughborough.

Last year in 2016 you went to “Upfest” in Bristol, how was your first experience and can you let us know how anyone else can get involved and become part of the event?

I loved it. Great atmosphere, amazing food, friendly people and awesome graffiti everywhere. To get involved all you have to do is apply and pray that you get selected.

upfest image

Created at the Upfest 2016, Europe’s largest, free, street art & graffiti festival in Bristol










Is this something you do full time or part time as a career?

I would say I do it when I can fit it in to my busy life style.

Do you have any favourite artists?

Yes, Dilk, Belin, Rocket1, Alex Kuznetsov, Digitaldoes, DABS MYLA and many more!

Where do you get your inspiration from or who inspires you in life?

All artists inspire me because it drives me to create something myself.

Some more pieces from his collection of murals he has painted for businesses across the country

action heroes

batman image notts nursery

Coalville Gymnastics club








Have you thought about what you would like to do in the next 6 to 12 months of 2017 in terms of opportunities and career?

I would like to have a exhibition.

If you were asked for help and advice about becoming an artist, what would you say to someone?

Never give up and donít listen to the negativity.

If anyone is interested in your art or would like a commission how can they contact you?

The can view my work and contact me on the following:



Many thanks, it’s has been a pleasure talking to you and I am sure everyone reading will learn about you and from you. Good luck with your work and fingers crossed that an exhibition will be on the cards for you this year.

If anyone would like to send any comments in or ask any questions then please do so using the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and sharing and see you next month for our next “Featured Artist”

















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