Beginner’s Tutorial On Drawing The Male Body

Beginner, Drawing, Pencil | 11 Oct, 2012

This is a nice general video for beginner’s to follow and discusses the basics of drawing the male form and it’s proportions.

Generally speaking the average body is 8 heads tall, so with this in mind that is the first thing to remember when ascertaining the height for your person you are drawing. The artist uses a ruler to mark off 8 spaces to mimic the head theory down her paper and then draws a series of horizontal lines to suggest the different proportions of the human figure.

With clear and concise easy to follow voice over descriptions you are guided through the video picking up all the basic techniques as you go along, so why not grab a pencil and have a go yourself.

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    1. Hey Mary Thx so mutch for this tutorial 🙂 I really learnt something, and did my first try while i was watching this takes practice but im on my way to do better and better. and when talentet people like youmakes this for people that has the talent bud never used it enough, makes it eases the learning :)So thank you so mutcho i love the way you teach also 😉

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