Becoming My Favourite Superhero (A Design Art Project)

A creative art idea that has been brought to life to help children face their fears by making, and becoming their favourite super hero

Day after day, we see and hear about more and more children that face some of the most awful life challenges. These children are subjected to certain illnesses or diseases and have to endure some very painful procedures and operations to try and help them become better.

We all fear things in our lives, but imagine how it must feel for a small child.  A  design company, did think of this very thing and decided that through art and being creative they would help these children to make their very own super hero capes and masks.

The company is called “Hero Design” and it forms part of the larger organisation called Artworks.

What does ArtWorks do?

  • Provide meaningful employment and training in the arts to Greater Cincinnati area teens
  • Develop a mentoring program between youth and established artists
  • Increase public awareness of the importance of the arts and arts education
  • Foster cultural awareness and promote the Greater Cincinnati community
  • Promote partnerships of public and private organizations
  • Increase employment opportunities for professional and emerging artists

How does the design company help the children?

Presented by ARTWORKS Hero Design Company’s mission is to show the world that regardless of limitation or circumstance every child possesses an amazing and unique array of strengths and real world super powers. Our goal is to engage, encourage, and empower children facing emotional, physical, or medical hardship through the creation of custom superhero capes. Together we seek to unite our community and prove that within every child lives a true HERO.

How does it Work?

Hero Design Facilitators are expertly trained in our custom Hero Identification Process. Through a brief semistructured interview our facilitators help each child to identify their own personal strengths, abilities, and real world super powers. Using these powers as a guide each child and facilitator engage in a co-design process focused on defining the child’s new superhero persona, complete with hero name and insignia. Our facilitators then refine the new insignia and create a personalized superhero cape. Faster than a speeding bullet the cape is delivered to the child, ready to show the world how special they are.

To learn more and support our transformative work, please visit:

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