Becky Joy: A Quick Step By Step Video Showing A Landscape Painting In Progress

Advanced, Intermediate, Oils, Painting | 28 Oct, 2012

Becky Joy was born and raised in Oregon in the Willamette Valley. Like most artists she was unable to unveil her true potential as an artist until later on in her life due to responsibilities and practicality.

But after her two children grew up and became young adults Becky was able to study the art she loved which was predominantly landscapes in oil paints and had the fortunate circumstance where she had a core group of friends who were also heavily involved in the artistic scene. She even says herself that ‘Itís not about the painting, itís all about the process. Its a fabric of my being.’ This one sentence sums up her commitment to art as well as her emotional involvement with it which so many other artists have in common…Almost like an unbreakable bond of loyalty with the processes and emotions involved with creating art.

This painting filmed by Becky Joy is a time lapsed snippet showing the methods and structure which she undergoes whilst painting in oils. It helps the amateur or curious painter understand which areas are tackled first and in which order the different stages of a compositional painting unfold.

From this video you can see that whilst Joy’s color palette is very ‘Impressionist’ with a very ‘dream-like’ sky you could also note that the order in which each step of the painting is completed is very orthodox for a landscape painting in oils. For example the background is laid down before the middle ground and foreground silhouettes. Her brush work is very deliberate and isn’t over softened to make the painting too perfect. Instead, the shape of the brush used is both an intentional choice (i’e flat or round) and obviously worked into the hedgerows and long grass etc featured in this painting.

This style of painting shows great skill and years of understanding her medium of choice as well as the tools used to implement this medium. Much can be gained from studying this fine artist and for a further insight into her life and the paintings she creates then do not hesitate to visit to find out.

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