Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Drawn – Julia Dolowicz Muse Mantra’s

You may have seen my muse mantra on my website, an illustration of me, produced from a photograph. Here I tell you about the lady who created them, what healing powers they hold and why I chose to have one.

Julia Dolowicz


Julia Dolowicz is the creator of these wonderful uplifting images and messages. They were first created by using images of real women from approximately 60 across the globe. Each one stepping forward and being drawn so that their messages of hope and inspiration would reach you and I.

Julia Created a deck of cards called “The Muse Mantra” Deck, a deck of oracle cards. They are no ordinary deck. As Julia draws each image of the women from the photographs they have sent her, she carefully weaves in Reiki symbols. Reiki is universal energy that comes from the universe and is a natural source. Reiki masters, are trained and use the symbols to help restore balance and harmonise your, mind, body and spirit . Each Muse Mantra is a spirit-lifting piece of art. These bespoke illustrations contain healing energy within them.

Why I Chose One For My Website

ros place




I was searching for a piece of art for my website, but one that would have meaning and also convey the message of healing. I did not find Julia by myself, it was through a lady called Ros Place, from “Angels With Ros” who had shown her oracle cards on a course that I was doing. After a little research I discovered that Julia created illustrations for websites.

I contacted her and she told me that if I sent a photo to her that she would create an illustration for me. I told her about the creative art and wellbeing site. She told me the process and that she would draw the picture and then add in healing with Reiki and also using crystals as well. She would perform a distant healing for me at the same time to balance myself in readiness for my new creative venture. I also had a number of questions that were sent to me by Julia that I answered and sent back which would aid her in drawing my muse.

Ginny Was Born

Ginny muse

When I received the image I was overjoyed with it. The big brown eyes are so striking and the colours and clothing are so me. Julia told me she was compelled to add the paint brushes into the drawing when she was creating it. I think she is lovely don’t you? Julia didn’t give her the name Ginny, I did, well not exactly, as I was looking at her and the name popped into my head. An unusual name, not a name I have heard of much and nobody in my family is called Ginny. I stayed with it and then created the muse mantra wording underneath her which is:

Ginny is a muse and her mantra, supports you with creativity, wellbeing and courage.She teaches us that it is okay to be bold, different and most of all yourself.You can tap into her healing powers and creative flow by simply:

  • Gazing into her eyes and feel her positive energy touch you.
  • Close your eyes breath slowly and deeply and accept the guidance she gives to you through thought.
  • Allow any images given to you you by her to help support you in your life.

Open your eyes and give thanks for the love and healing given to you.

Every time you visit the site she fills you with healing and courage and when you need a little extra you can say the above to give you the strength you need.

Julia’s website address is:, where you can contact her about the work that she does and also if you too, would like a mantra drawn

Ginny muse

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