ArtisanHQ’s Top Ten Oil Paints

Art Blog | 05 Nov, 2012

Artisan HQ’s…Top Ten Oil Paints

So you are already a current oil painter or you are curious to grab your paint brushes and start painting with oil paints but don’t know where to turn. Look no further than ArtisanHQ’s thorough and concise guide to the ‘top ten oil paints’ on the market today as well as a few other brands which are also be forwarded for recommendation.

Each and every artist using any type of art medium knows that most of the time it is personal preference which overrides brand name and in some cases the quality. But there is no denying that the better quality the materials and tools you use as an artist then the better their longevity and quality of results. Oil paints for example go from a premium grade containing high quality pigment often of a single color right down to the entry level student grades and water soluble brands which can contain a number of different pigments with varying inconsistencies from tube to tube.

Other than high density pigment there are the other factors of cost and availability to consider when making your purchase. Oil painting can get very expensive so if you are a novice painter don’t go rushing out to buy some M.Graham oils for example as you will potentially waste lots of paint and not understand how to combine these paints with various oils mediums to control their life span. Texture and density of the oil paint is also high on the agenda for most oil painters as it allows a smooth transition and consistency throughout the various stages of an oil painting. It is also worth noting that the better quality oil paints store away much better and will happily live on a shelf unused for many months.

Depending on what kind of art you are producing where you require oil paints will determine your needs for high or low quality oil paints. Through product testing and reviews I have ArtisanHQ has compiled this list of what we deem to be the most competitive oil paint brands on the market today complete with links to help you locate and purchase them. So here it is, the complete ‘Top ten Oil Paints’ every artist should consider…

10: Student Grade Or Generic Oil Paints

If you go into any chain art store or even to your local college art supplies building you will always find your student grade oil paints often posing in larger tubes with fancy writing all over them. Others will be less obvious but still easily spotted by their low value price tag. With oil paints this low value price always equals low value product and it is at this point where you make the decision to purchase this type of paint. Personally I would advise against it as you will find that you have a mutiny of false economy on your hands where you are constantly applying more and more oil paint to achieve a color mix you will probably never get. The pigments within these paints are only just entry level and most of the time they are extremely poor quality causing you a constant hindrance from start to finish if you’re not careful. Technically these generic oil paints contain too much linseed oil resulting in a much less intense pigment(s) color leaving the user deflated when they can’t achieve the color they are striving for in their mind. This leads to buying more beautiful colors in more techni-colored tubes to over compensate for this with stress levels high and a less than satisfactory palette of colors being used to paint with. Sadly the result will be in most cases an empty wallet, 18 tubes of paint which you hate and a painting which is either completed and disliked or an unfinished painting which props open the shed door. These paints often have a tendency to yellow or form discoloration over time too so just another positive spin for you there. I know this is a harsh review but from experience I wouldn’t want people to follow the same path I did so save your pennies and go up the scale away from these student paints. Even if you have little money it is certainly worth saving just for that extra week to treat yourselves to a slightly more pigment dense and branded paint and believe me you’ll stand with me afterwards casting your complaints on the generic brands. You could however use these paints to take on some form of abstract art which requires less pigment control to use up the rest of the paint or if you have a project where by the values contained within your oil paints aren’t that essential you could certainly consider taking these cheaper value paints to work in your favour.

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