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The Angel of the north in Gateshead, Newcastle is Britainís largest sculpture which was designed by Antony Gormley . It has become one of the most talked about pieces of art ever produced. The site that it was built on was selected because it would be clearly seen by drivers at a rate of one person every second. So why an angel? The only response the artist can give is that no one has ever seen one. It is a reminder to everyone that the site it was built on was a former coal mine and the workers worked in the dark for two hundred years. Although they may have worked in the dark, an angel was always looking over them, protecting them, and shining light on them, even though they could not see it.

The angel also brings hope to each and everyone of us, that although many industries have now ceased, new areas are evolving and it is to give us faith and hope for a better future. Angels have been a part of art and religion for many centuries. As we enter our own churches or famous places of worship around the world, we can clearly see that angels have been sculpted or painted within them. We as children have often be told that we should not worry or be scared because we have a guardian angel who looks after us. So if Anthony Gormley built this sculpture of an angel, then what are angels and how can they help us? Angels are messengers who come to our aid when we ask for help or to protect us from danger. There are many of them, who all have names and who also have different functions. Archangel Michael is the protector, he is a very strong and powerful angel. We can ask this angel to protect us from harm and to also help us in our everyday lives, whether that means we are traveling, starting a new job, he is always with us. When we feel ill, or have emotional problems, Archangel Raphael is the angel to call upon.

He helps to heal old wounds and also make us stronger. In many of the paintings of this angel you will see that the colours green and blue have been used. Green and blue are very soothing colours and within hospitals and healthcare provisions you will see these colours also. One of the most striking things about these creatures are their wings and vast amount of feathers that they have. So, now I know what an angel is, how they can help me? how will I know if my prayers have been heard and answered and I am being looked after? There are many publications and stories from artists that have stated that their prayers have been heard and that they are being looked after because either at the time of asking or a few days later, white feathers were either found within the home or just outside and that not always straight away, but some time after a resolution or an idea is given that answers the prayer. I hope that after reading this article, you will have a clearer understanding and a new insight into these heavenly creatures and why so many people find them so fascinating to either paint or write about.

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