Anamorphic Illusions – Drawing a Coca Cola Can

How to draw an awesome levitating Coca Cola light can. Here in this video the artist shows us how to draw an amazing picture that appears to float in mid air. A way to create an illusion that will blow other peoples minds when trying to figure out how it is done.

Anamorphic art is the process of greatly distorting an image only to have it revealed either from a single vantage point or from its reflection on a mirrored surface. A cylindrical mirror is the most common form, but reflective cones and pyramids have also been used. The surprising appearance of the undistorted reflection or image is almost always met with wonder and delight.

It was Leonardo Da Vinci who first experimented with anamorphic perspective, and the first known example of an anamorphic drawing is an eye that he made in 1485. During the Renaissance, artists who experimented with perspective made great advances and perfected the techniques of stretching and distorting images in various ways using the geometry of perspective.

The materials that were used in this video were:
Pastell paper: light gray.
H graphit and charcoal pencils (Derwent)
Derwent colored pencils.
White and grey pastel pencils.
Derwent brand.
White gel pen.
Grey markers: Letraset PROMARKER cool grey 2 and cool grey 3.
Soft eraser.

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