Positive Creations – Visionary Skate Artist Chris Dyer

Documentary, Newly Added | 25 Jul, 2017

 Chris Dyer is a Peruvian artist who exhibits and performs his art worldwide in visionary art, street art and skateboard art. The main theme seen through his artwork is cultural and spiritual oneness of humanity and beyond.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Chris moved to Lima, Peru at age 4. Chris started skateboarding at 8 years old, surfing at 12.

It was in the year 2000 when he started doing his paintings on broken skateboards he had ridden and collected over the years. His recycled skate paintings made him stand out in the Montreal art scene and introduced his work to skateboarders around the world, mostly via skate magazines articles about it. In 2004, landed his dream job, doing skate graphics for Creation Skateboards, from San Francisco who had him over in California for many years

These days he spends half of his time on the road, making and spreading his art, as he explores many cultures and himself. By now he has been able to reach over 30 different countries, which has been a chance for him to learn much from a variety of cultures. These powerful experiences has helped him create a flavour of art which fuses many cultures into a spiritual oneness of unity within diversity, which can appeal to all, yet is owned by none.

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