“Change Your Heart” The Four Chambers

Art Blog, Newly Added | 30 May, 2015

As artists we think and work mostly based on our emotions. So here using the human heart, I wanted to show what lies within this vessel and the chambers that reside within our body. A heart that we or others cannot see on the outside, but as humans feel on the inside.

Imagine that the heart is place where you keep your family, friends, your lover, your ex lovers and friends. Each group sits within the chambers of the heart 1,2,3 and 4. All of these people from time to time will move from a place of love to a place of hate. The hate being chamber 4. Not all of them will remain in chamber 4 some of these people will return to their original chamber and some may not.

How we change our heart is entirely up to us and no one else. The same goes for who we put into our heart.

When things are good we really feel the warmth and love that 1,2 and 3 gives us. When things are bad we feel the cold and lonely place that no 4 sets off within us. This place is a place we dont like very much and fear it. It is a dark and empty place and has no soul or feelings. At first glance it looks like any other chamber but on closer inspection it holds all of our hurts and painful experiences along with the people that caused them. Some of these people may remain in here for good.

We can of course change this and the circumstances. If we change how we feel about what has caused us to feel the pain and hurts then maybe we can set the people free in our hearts. By letting go of our fears or even facing them, we allow ourselves to feel the warmth of 1,2 and 3 again and maybe put back the people from chamber 4 into the other three.

Sometimes we act on anger, fear and impulse and do and say things we really regret later. Maybe try and stop and think about what is causing this inside and try work through it. Better toget mad at ourselves than someone else. when we show anger to others, the person on the receiving end always thinks its their fault. This is not always true and more a case of bottled up emotions that have come out and you just happen to be in the firing line. If this happens we are now left with two people who are hurting. The heart stores blood, but we dont need to store our emotions in here for long periods of time, perhaps best to be like the valves of the heart and try and pump our emotions through here and around the body, as we relax and take gentle breaths, our blood will pick up these emotions and the newly inhaled air and pass it around. Once it has passed around we can allow our lungs to exhale all the unwanted air and also the unwanted feelings.

There will always be a chamber 4, but how we react to people and situations will mean that we can find some control so that anyone who is in chamber 4, wont be there for very long.

We can in medicine take out your old heart and give you a new one. We cant change what you store in here only you can do that.

I found a lovely quote that says:

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.

Changing myself and my heart is what I am working towards. How about you?

Ann xx






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